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Lifestyle modifications for men with hypertension

Keywords: Dietary habit, Dietary supplementation, Exercise training, Sleep, Smoking cessation, Stress management, Weight loss, Autonomic function, Endocrine function, Endothelial function, Erectile dysfunction, Sex difference

Editor: Takeshi Otsuki

31 August 2021

The factors and treatments of male infertility

Keywords: Male infertility, IVF/ICSI, Microscopic technology, DNA testing, Semen parameters, Non-obstructive azoospermia, Nutritional supplementation, Factors, Treatment

Editor: Premal Patel

31 August 2021

Do men and women differ when it comes to suicidal behavior?

Keywords: Suicide, Suicide Ideation, Suicide Attempts, Gender, Sex difference, Lethality, Method, Treatment, Prevention

Editor: Leah Shelef

31 August 2021

Therapy and prognosis of metastatic prostate cancer

Keywords: Prostate cancer, Metastatic prostate cancer, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis, Quality of life, Oligometastatic disease, Micrometastatic disease, Androgen synthesis inhibitors, Second line antiandrogenic therapies, Bisphosphonates

Editor: Kullmann Tamás

31 August 2021

New era in the treatment of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

Keywords: non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, biomarkers, inflammatory response, recurrence, progression, overall-survival

Editor: Daniel Balan

30 September 2021

Highlights on the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of urinary bladder cancer

Keywords: bladder cancer, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, tumor marker

Editor: Ali Mohammad Al Khader

30 September 2021

Challenges in male voiding dysfunction

Keywords: Neurogenic bladder; OAB; Parkinson disease; pelvic pain syndrome in male patient

Editor: Dr. Mai Banakhar,Dr. Tariq F. Al-Shaiji

10 October 2021

The comorbid health conditions affecting BPH_LUTS

Keywords: BPH, Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTs), Prostate, Vitamin D, Metabolic syndrome, Testosterone deficiency, Chronic kidney disease, Sarcopenia, Exercise

Editor: Min Gu Park

20 October 2021

Erectile Dysfunction: state of the art treatments and surgical techniques

Keywords: Erectile dysfunction, Diagnosis, Treatment, Pharmaceutical therapies, Surgical techniques, Psychological review, Systemic therapies

Editor: Bruno Machado, Ash Mosahebi

30 October 2021

Pelvic Surgery: Men's Particularities

Keywords: Urology, Pelvic surgery, Male genital cancer, Laparoscopy, Robotic surgery, Oncology, Interdisciplinarity, Pelvic ultrasound

Editor: Bogdan Socea

30 November 2021

Respiratory system: the importance of health promotion in population and workplace

Keywords: Cancer, Lung cancer, Smoking habits, Occupational exposure, Environmental pollutant, Prevention, Risk evaluation, Cancer management, Early cancer detection

Editor: Anna Carmela Cucciniello

30 November 2021

Basic research of prostate cancer

Keywords: Prostate cancer, Theraputic resistance, Castration resistant prostate cancer, Molecular etiology, Cell and molecular biology

Editor: Xuezhen Yang,Benyi Li

30 November 2021

The treatment of LUTS/BPE

Keywords: Treatment, LUTS, BPE

Editor: Fabrizio Presicce

30 November 2021

COVID-19 impact on men's mental health

Keywords: Men's health, COVID-19, Pandemic, Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety disorders, Comorbidities, Spousal relationships, Unemployment, Healthcare access

Editor: Areen Omary

30 November 2021

Current and future trends in bladder cancer therapy and diagnosis

Keywords: bladder cancer, urinary bladder, urology, pathology, oncology, immunotherapy, molecular pathology, PDL-1, urogenital system

Editor: Dimitrios Goutas

30 November 2021

Sports and physical activities for men’s health

Keywords: Sports, Physical activities, Health behavior, COVID-19, Gender.

Editor: Sung-Un Park

30 November 2021

Differences in the efficacy of the treatment methods for BPH

Keywords: benign prostatic hyperplasia, lower urinary tract symptoms, treatment, quality of life, minimally invasive therapy

Editor: Angus Bruce

30 November 2021

Trends in the management and the effects on oncologic outcomes in patients with upper tract urothelial carcinoma

Keywords: chemotherapy, drug therapy, neoplasms, surgical procedure, urogenital system, urothelial carcinoma

Editor: Ho Seok Chung

30 December 2021

Biomarkers, treatment and management of chronic prostatitis

Keywords: Chronic Prostatitis, biomarkers, treatment, management, recurrence, diagnosis, guidelines

Editor: Rakesh Shiradkar

30 December 2021

Lung Cancer: The Changing Paradigm

Keywords: lung cancer, diagnosis, gender, surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, pathology, molecular markers

Editor: Wickii T. Vigneswaran

30 December 2021

Challenges in diagnostic and management of non-urothelial bladder cancers

Keywords: bladder cancer; rare histology; urachal cancer; adenocarcinoma; neuroendocrine carcinoma; squamous cell carcinoma; radical cystectomy; chemotherapy

Editor: Cristian Mirvald

30 December 2021

Male genitourinary disorders: from in silico to in vivo models

Keywords: Animals; Mathematical; Modelling; Prognosis; Treatment

Editor: Dr. Elisabete Nascimento Gonçalves,Dr. Catarina Jota Baptista,Dr. Paula A. Oliveira,Dr. Ana Faustino

31 December 2021

Voiding Dysfunction and Spinal Cord Injury

Keywords: spinal cord injury; urinary dysfunction; emerging treatments; multi-disciplinary care

Editor: Dr. Brandon Lucke-Wold

10 January 2022

The role of robot assisted radical cystectomy in bladder cancer

Keywords: bladder cancer, robot assisted radical cystectomy, urinary diversion, perioperative outcomes, oncologic outcomes, functional outcomes

Editor: Dott. Giovanni Cochetti

30 January 2022

Socio-political context of HIV response and suicide prevention among disadvantaged men: challenge for promoting public health

Keywords: HIV/AIDS response, gender and sexual minority (GSM), ACB men, psychological problems, suicide prevention, self-harm behaviour, social determinants of health

Editor: Bishwajit Ghose,Josephine Etowa

30 January 2022

Sports Biomechanics for Health and Performance

Keywords: Sports, Biomechanics, Exercise and Health, Sport Performance, Movement-analysis, Injury prevention, Rehabilitation

Editor: Daniel A. Marinho,Pedro M. Forte,Henrique P. Neiva

31 January 2022

Weight maintenance in men

Keywords: Energy balance, Sarcopenic-Obesity, Sarcopenia, Obesity, Waist circumference, Resistance exercise, Aerobic exercise, Fit and fat, Weight-loss drugs, Caloric-restriction, Testosterone therapy, Low aerobic capacity

Editor: Charles Paul Lambert

15 February 2022

Differences in suicide between men and women: epidemiology, physiopathology and forensic features

Keywords: Suicide; Epidemiology; Risk factors; Neurobiology; Crime scene investigation; Criminology; Suicide method; Injury pattern

Editor: Luigi Cipolloni,Tista Ghosh

15 February 2022

Male Infertility Risk Factors

Keywords: Male infertility; Human Reproduction; Risk Factor

Editor: Eisa Tahmasbpour Marzouni,Martin Štimpfel

15 February 2022

Sex differences and risk factors of stroke

Keywords: Sex Disparity; Gender Disparity; Male Risk Factors; Stroke; Male dementia; Headache; Seizures; Parkinson's Disease; Cerebrovascular Disorder; Rare Neurological Disorders in Men; COVID-19 Neurological Manifestation in Male

Editor: Rocco Salvatore Calabro,Urvish Patel

10 March 2022

Impact of somatic disorders and lifestyle behaviors on men’s mental health and wellbeing

Keywords: Quality of Life and Wellbeing; Therapeutic Adherence; Health Promotion; Prevention and Lifestyle; Treatment and Rehabilitation; Couples Satisfaction; Family Functioning; Caregivers Stress

Editor: Dr. M. Graça Pereira

15 March 2022

Selected Papers from MHWC 2021

Keywords: Male specific clinical conditions, Mental health, Digital technology, Men’s health

Editor: Prof. Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh

20 March 2022

Reproductive function abnormalities in males with obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes: a two-way street

Keywords: Obesity; Type 2 diabetes; Male reproductive abnormalities; Testosterone; Androgen; Sexual function; Erectile dysfunction; Male obesity-secondary hypogonadism; LUTS

Editor: Angelo Di Vincenzo

30 March 2022

Diagnosis and treatment of clinically localized prostate cancer: a urological conundrum

Keywords: prostatic neoplasms, early diagnosis, mortality

Editor: Angelo Naselli

31 March 2022

Functional and health development approaches from the perspective of sports nutrition and supplement, strength and conditioning, well-being, and training load status in male athletes

Keywords: Athletic performance; Aerobic training; Body composition; Diet; Exercise; Fitness assessments; Heart rate; Maturation; Soccer; Sports; Sport Medicine; Sprint; Older; Performance; Physiology; Physical fitness; Physical exertion; Quality of life Recovery; Resistance training; Training load; Youth; Young adult; Weill-being

Editor: Dr. Hadi Nobari,Dr. Jorge Pérez-Gómez,Dr. Elena Mainer-Pardos ,Dr. Thomas G. Bowman

20 April 2022

Exercise and sports in men: from health to sports performance

Keywords: Exercises; sports performance; training load monitoring; sports training; nutrition; psychology; sports medicine; Gender Differences in sports and physical activities

Editor: Ali Tatlici,Prof. Georgian Badicu,Prof. Filipe Manuel Clemente

20 April 2022

Voiding dysfunction after surgery

Keywords: Voiding dysfunction, pelvic surgery, abdominal surgery, colorectal surgery, urinary incontinence, acute urinary retention, treatment

Editor: Mi Mi Oh

10 May 2022

The Relationship of Lifestyle/Medications to Male Infertility

Keywords: Male Infertility and Effect of: Obesity; Diabetes; Cardiovascular disease; Smoking/Alcohol/Marijuana/Other drugs; Pesticides/pollution; Medications – urologic, exogenous testosterone, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, anti-hypertensive medications, anti-infection medications, anticancer medications, narcotics

Editor: Matthew Wosnitzer

20 May 2022

Hemophilia and Disability

Keywords: Hemophilia; Hemophilic arthropathy; Physiotherapy; Phycology; Occupational therapy; Measurement instrument; Treatment; Quality of life

Editor: Rubén Cuesta-Barriuso

30 June 2022

Computational Decision-Making Approaches for Men’s Health: Infrastructure, Algorithms and Management

Keywords: Men’s healthcare; Decision analysis; Mathematical models; Big data

Editor: Ahmed Farouk

30 June 2022

Sports training, recovery and nutrition in male athletes

Keywords: Sports training, Physical training, Athletic performance, Post-training recovery, Dietary supplements, Sports nutrition, Male athletes

Editor: Athos Trecroci,Jooyoung Kim

30 June 2022

COVID-19 and sex differences: is the men at risk?

Keywords: Men; Sex and Gender Differences; SARS-COV2; COVID-19; Outcome

Editor: Tiziana Ciarambino

30 June 2022

Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer

Keywords: biology, prostate, cancer, biomarkers, prognostic, prediction, protein, molecular biomarkers, oncogenetics

Editor: Pierre-Jean Lamy

30 August 2022

Interventions for the treatment or prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in men

Keywords: Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders; Sports Injuries; Balance Control; Exercise for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders; Orthosis for Musculoskeletal Disorders; Nerve Entrapment Syndrome; Sports Physiotherapy; Complementary Medicine; Measurement & Evaluation; Physical Activity

Editor: Jung-Hoon Lee

31 December 2022

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