Special Issue: Prostate Health, Men’s Health, and Healthy Aging

Published: 2020-04-14


Prostate and Testosterone-The Most Important Keywords in Men’s Health and Healthy Aging

Du Geon Moon, Hyun Jun Park
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Special Issue - Prostate Health, Men’s Health and Healthy Aging

Relationship Between Masked Arterial Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction

Ismail Ates, Deniz Mutlu, Zeynettin Kaya, Sercan Okutucu, Mehmet Sarier, Mehmet Cilingiroglu
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Association of Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation in Men with Chronic Prostatitis

Min Ho Lee, Deok Ha Seo, Chun Woo Lee, Jae Hwi Choi, Seong Uk Jeh, Sin Woo Lee, See Min Choi, Jeong Seok Hwa, Jae Seog Hyun, Ky Hyun Chung, Sung Chul Kam
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A Comparison of the Effects of General Anesthesia Versus Spinal Anesthesia on Catheter-Related Bladder Discomfort after Holep: A Prospective Trial

A Ram Doo, Yu Seob Shin, Juhan Mun, Deokkyu Kim, Jong Kwan Park
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Letter to the Editor

Polypharmacy and Postoperative Delirium in Urology

Yu Seob Shin, A Ram Doo, Hyun Jun Park
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