Sexual Health of Men in Germany – The Third Men´s Health Report

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Doris Bardehle, Dr. med.




In a critical review of the First [1] and the Second Men's Health Report [2] published by the  Men's Health Foundation Berlin, the Report of the Robert Koch-Institute "Health Status of Men in Germany” [3] and the Men's Health Report of the European Union: “The Men's State of Health” [4] has shown that the sexuality of men as a relevant topic was excluded.

In a Survey [5] conducted by Global Action on Men's Health (GAMH) and Sanofi in 2015, with 16,000 adults men and women in 8 countries (including Germany), the question of the relevance of sexuality for life quality was raised. The result was that sex is ranked first, at least in the younger age groups.
For this reason, it seemed to the Men´s health Foundation as the editor to take up the issue of sexuality of men for the Third German Men´s Health Report.
In order to cover the diverse facets of male sexuality despite poor "official" data, the German Men´s Health Foundation cooperated with the Institute for Applied Sexual Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Merseburg, Germany.
The interlinking of social sciences with the medical perspective in the field "Sexual health of men" was the key to the successful approach of the topic “sexual health of men” [6].
The report includes 31 articles written by 40 experts. Official data, which is a criterion for a health report, could only be used marginally. Figures result predominantly from scientific and literature research.

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