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The Journal of Men’s Health (JOMH) is a peer-reviewed publication covering all aspects of men’s health across the lifespan. As the official journal the International Society of Men’s Health (ISMH) the Journal publishes cutting-edge advances in a wide range of diseases and conditions, including diagnostic procedures, therapeutic management strategies, and innovative clinical research in ge
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Vol. 16 No. 3 (2020): JOMH

Published: 2020-07-24


Longitudinal Study on Relative Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus According to Obesity and Physical Activity

Duk Han Ko, Kun Ho Lee, Yong Hwan Kim
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Page e1-e10

Characterization and Association of Marker Chromosomes with Male Infertility

Dong Suk Kim, Sang Hee Park, Sung Han Shim, Dae Keun Kim, Sang Woo Lyu, Ji Won Kim, Woo Sik Lee, Seung-Hun Song
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Page e11-e18

A Questionnaire Survey on Awareness of Reproductive Protection and Autologous Sperm Preservation among Patients with Malignant Tumor

Xi Wang, Dong Gan, Shao Cuihua, Wang Peitao
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Page e19-e28

Febrile Urinary Tract Infection after Radical Cystectomy with Urinary Diversion: Different Characteristics in Patients with Ileal Conduit and Orthotopic Neobladder

Seungsoo Lee, Seung Ryong Baek, Won Hoon Song, Tae Nam Kim, Sung-Woo Park, Jong Kil Nam
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Page e38-e46

Recommendations for Intervention Content to Enhance HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Uptake among Men Who have Sex with Men Receiving Care at Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics

Amy Nunn, Genoviva Sowemimo-Coker, Jacob van den Berg, Cassandra Sutten Coats, Collette Sosnowy, Siena Napoleon, Kevin Cormier, Philip Chan, Ethan Moitra
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 28 XML Downloads 0 HTML Downloads 1

Page e47-e59

A Cross Sectional Examination of HIV, Aging, and Chronic Health Conditions among Gay and Bisexual Men

Kiffer G. Card, Dr. Lachowsky, Heather L. Armstrong, Zishan Cui, Paul Sereda, Chad Dickie, Terry Howard, Eric A. Roth, Robert S. Hogg; David M. Moore
Abstract 71 | PDF Downloads 40 XML Downloads 0 HTML Downloads 1

Page e60-e74

ERO1α Knockdown Attenuates Palmitic Acid-Inhibited Testosterone Secretion by Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Testicular Leydig Cells

Qi-Zhuang Lv, Ting Qin, Xin-Yun Qin, Xiao-Mei Liang, Ke-Yi Nong, Zi-Feng Gong, Li-Ying Liang, Lei Yang, Yu-lin Zhu
Abstract 33 | PDF Downloads 11 XML Downloads 0 HTML Downloads 1

Page e75-e86

Comparison of Upper and Lower Body Anaerobic Power between Visually Impaired Judo and Goalball Athletes

Kun Ho Lee, Sukho Lee, Jinho Park
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Page e87-e97

The Effect of Musculoskeletal Disorders Body Region and Pain Level in Elderly People on Dynamic Balance Ability

Jinho Park, KunHo Lee
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Page e98-e108

Recreational Inhaled Nitrite Use among Asian Men Who Have Sex With Men

Kok-Yong Chin
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Page e109-e127

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