The Journal of Men’s Health (JOMH) is a peer-reviewed publication covering all aspects of men’s health across the lifespan. As the official journal the International Society of Men’s Health (ISMH) the Journal publishes cutting-edge advances in a wide range of diseases and conditions, including diagnostic procedures, therapeutic management strategies, and innovative clinical research in gender-based biology to ensure optimal patient care. The Journal addresses disparities in health and life expectancy between men and women; increased risk factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and obesity; higher prevalence of diseases such as heart disease and cancer; and health care in underserved and minority populations.


The Effect of Occasional Alcohol Drinking on Semen Quality and Sperm Morphology among Young and Healthy Polish Men

Felicja Lwow, Marek Medraś, Małgorzata Słowińska-Lisowska, Paweł Jóźków, Leszek Szmigiero


Expression Profiles of Cytochrome P450s Following Swimming Exercise in Aging Rats

Bang sub Lee, Wi-Young So, Sang-Hoon Kim, Jin-Ho Yoon


What is Men's Health? A Definition

Doris Bardehle, Martin Dinges, Alan White


The Current Issues on Osteoporosis among Male Saudi Arabians

Mir Sadat-Ali, Ali W Almomen, Hussain K AlOmar; Sultan A AlAlwan; Abid H Gullenpet, Fawaz M AlAnii


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Testimonies about publishing in the Journal of Men’s Health


I have chosen the Journal of Men’s Health mainly for the meritorical quality of articles that I have found in this journal. Although I have published only one article in JOMH my experience is very positive.  Most important for me is that the publishing process was very fast as it took only 6-7 weeks. Furthermore, the Editorial Office was very helpful in several administrative issues. Due to my positive experience I plan to submit the next manuscript focused on reproductive health of young males just to have a series of articles published in the same respectable journal.

Felicja Lwow Ph.D

Associate Professor

University School of Physical Education

Faculty of Physiotherapy - Group of Health Promotion

Wroclaw, Poland